Paul George is On a One-Man Mission To Destroy Doc Rivers

The Los Angeles Clippers were supposed to win the NBA title and anything less than was a failure. They did not win the NBA title. They didn’t even make it to the Western Conference Finals. They blew a 3-1 lead to the Mucinex Monster and Canadian Kyrie and now their head coach, Doc Rivers, has been fired.

Doc Rivers also entered the season being considered one of the better coaches in the league. He won a title with the Boston Celtics many moons ago and has pretty much ridden that success out to 2020. But my man was minding his own business over in LA. His team snuck into the playoffs last season and gave the Golden State Warriors hell in the first round with just Danilo Gallinari and Pat Bev.

And then suddenly Kawhi Leonard entered the chat with Paul George attached at his hip and suddenly Doc had expectations he had to meet.

But I can’t help but think this was sabotage from the beginning. Paul George and Doc Rivers have a bit of a history and George was just finishing what he started. Playoff P used to date Doc’s daughter, Callie before she ended things when she found out that George cheated on her and impregnated a Miami stripper.

Now, I have zero children—thank god—but I’d probably feel a type of way about a guy who cheated on my daughter with a stripper. And that’s not to say that strippers are less than and it would be cool if PG cheated on Callie with like, a doctor or whatever. It’s more of the fact that George 1000% paid to sleep with her and didn’t pull out. Grow up, Paul.

We’d be foolish to believe that there is no tension between these two men and it really makes you think about Paul George’s atrocious playoff performances. Perhaps this was alllll a long con to get Doc Rivers fired.

Paul George scored 10 points in the most important Game 7 of his life on 4-for-16 shooting from the field and 2-for-11 from behind the 3-point line. You mean to tell me the guy who refers to himself as Playoff P only had 10 points in a Game 7? Yea right. Obviously he was intentionally playing like trash in order to send Doc Rivers to the unemployment line.

The man who changed his jersey number to 13 so that he could give himself the nickname PG13 is clearly playing chess not checkers. Sleeping with sex workers without wearing condoms is also another genius George decision. Just a super high-IQ mastermind working in the shadows to destroy the Rivers family. Pray for Austin Rivers. He’s next.


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