Patrick Ewing Finally Gets a Head Coaching Job At Georgetown

After years of being assistant coach, Patrick Ewing will finally get his opportunity to be the head coach of a team. Pop bottles. No longer will we have to see the greatest New York Knick of all time on the Charlotte Hornets sideline showing Frank Kaminsky his shot charts every night.

I mean, it’s safe to say that he is going to be an awful head coach and Georgetown is going to struggle but it’ll be a great learning experience for everyone. Patrick Ewing is going to learn how to manage players and how to develop a winning system and the rest of us are going to learn that there is a reason is took Ewing this long to get a head coaching job. He sucks at coaching.

Shout out to all the poor recruits that are going to commit to Georgetown only to find out that Patrick Ewing has no idea how to manage the clock and wastes time outs. It is going to be hilarious to watch. Cannot wait.



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