Parents Were Made Fun of For Having Too Many Children Sooooo Naturally They Abandoned Their 3-Year Old Baby Somewhere

What Happened?

A dad has been caught on camera kissing his three-day-old baby on the head before abandoning it in a church.

Bitto Davis, 32, from Kerala, India, and his 28-year-old wife, Pravitha, were later arrested after the chilling footage was aired on local TV.

He then walks away but seemingly cannot help glancing back at the child one last time.

When police detained the man and his wife, they reportedly claimed they had abandoned their own child because people laughed at them for having too many kids.

It has been reported friends and family had mocked Pravitha for becoming pregnant again.

A police officer told the Indian Express: “They already have three sons, aged eight, six and four and this was their fourth child.

“Bitto spoke of getting mocked by his friends for having four children in such quick succession and I think that is why he was disturbed. His friends would often apparently comment on the size of his wife’s belly and keep prodding whether she’s pregnant.



Shout out to Bitto Davis and his bae, Pravitha, for finally silencing the haters. Oh yea? They have too many kids? Watch this. Boom. Kids gone. WHERE YA JOKES AT NOW?


Should Bitto Davis and Pravitha be behind bars?

Absolutely not. They did what they had to do to avoid the jokes. No one enjoys being made fun of. Every decision I make is to avoid being mocked by people. If I had children and someone made fun of me for having children, I wouldn’t have children anymore.

What did you expect this couple to do? They already had 3 kids. Imagine having four children? You’re automatically the laughing stock of your town. These two had no choice but to throw their extra son in a well or whatever.

And I’ll even take this further and blame the wife for being so damn fertile. My man has clearly established that condoms will not be an active participant in his sex life and Pravitha Davis had agreed to those terms It’s her fault for having such a ready-to-go womb.

If my man Bitto is smart, he’ll leave homegirl behind at the church with the next baby they inevitably have like, while they’re being fingerprinted at bookings.




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