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PANIC ALERT: Didi Gregorius Out With a Shoulder Injury

Well, FUCK. There goes the New York Yankees season. Derek Jeter Jr. is now out with a shoulder injury. I feel helpless. I really thought the Yankees were going to finish the season undefeated. 162-0. Now it looks as if the Yankees will only end up 161-1 with Didi out. I’m devastated.

This is why teams are afraid to send their stars to the World Baseball Classic. It’s a fake Olympics that doesn’t actually mean anything and now players are hurting their shoulders. Cancel the World Baseball Classic. This would never happen in Spring Training because no one really cares about those glorified scrimmages.

Just another reason Gary Sanchez is the GOATest. He decided to skip out on that lame ass fake World Cup and focus on improving for the Yankees. Meanwhile, Didi Gregorius thinks that the Netherlands are more important than the Bronx. Selfish.







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