Pamela Anderson Is Free Of Hepatitis C And Posting Half Naked Photos On Instagram

Pamela Anderson no longer has Hepatitis C, which is huge news because I figured she had been cured like moments after she announced it about a decade ago. Apparently it takes more than just a shot and some orange juice to cure Hepatitis C. Seems like she had to take some expensive experimental shit, but whatever, she’s cured.

Also going to just throw it out there that I have no real idea what Hepatitis C is, but Pamela Anderson seems to describe it as totally not good, so I trust her. I’ve always trusted her. She has saved countless lives on Baywatch. I believe her.

How do we know she’s finally cured?

Pamela Anderson is BACK. Not only is she cured, but she’s still an attention hungry slut and I love it. I expect to see more and more from Pamela. Maybe a Pamela Anderson reality show where she catches diseases we’ve all heard of but don’t actually know anything about. Like in week one, she can contract HPV, or maybe Epstein-Barr. I think I just created a new E! series. Call me, Pam.


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