Pamela Anderson Is a Ride or Die Bitch

Wow, what an exchange between two women who have no business on national television having any sort of political debate. The View has become a show that seems to exist exclusively in clips of Meghan McCain wild takes or being dunked on by guests.

At this point, it’s been said to death: Meghan McCain does not deserve this platform. Her sole qualification for discussing politics is that her dad was a politician. She purports herself as some sort of expert in the field when it appears as though she gets all of her information from Breitbart headlines and ‘gut feelings’.

Enter Pamela Anderson.

From Bay Watch to the cover of every magazine from 1994-2002. To now girlfriend of disgraced creator of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who leaked extremely confidential US intelligence in an attempt to reveal disgusting war crimes committed by US soldiers while simultaneously putting thousands of those same soldiers’ lives in jeopardy but you gotta crack a few eggs to uh, have a few cracked eggs…

What do you think Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange talk about? Motley Crue? That was a joke that I immediately realized might actually be true. Pamela seems like she for sure still wears leather pants and has Ratt posters on her wall right next to her signed Poison vinyls.

Now it’s 2019—over a decade after we’ve last had any interest in her—and she’s on The View which ironically hasn’t mattered since the early 2000’s when Pamela was relevant, arguing with the daughter of the politician who voted against making Martin Luther King day a holiday.

The conversation surrounding Wikileaks and Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning deserves so much more nuance and understanding than these two women are capable of providing.

They are not 1000% riding off into the sunset as ‘heroes’ but they shouldn’t necessarily be considered treasonous anti-Americans. Again, way too heavy of a convo to be had by two women who should never be on television discussing it.

If you’re Julian Assange, this is exactly what you want in a wifey. Homegirl going on TV ready to throw hands defending you. Pamela Anderson is truly ride or die. Homegirl was going to put her paws on Meghan if she continued to talk spicy.

Everyone find you a woman who was a sex icon in the 90s who will fight the daughter of a dead former presidential candidate on TV after you are accused of treason and must live in international embassies for the remainder of your days. Goals.

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