Who is More Overrated: Matt Harvey or Yoenis Cespedes

Last night was opening day for the New York Mets. They lost to the Kansas City Royals 3-4 thanks in large part to the combined nonsense of Matt Harvey and Yoenis Cespedes but who’s more overrated?

Matt Harvey gave up 3 runs which isn’t necessarily awful. It’s still a quality start or whatever but you have to win games. I think I’ve shitted on Matt Harvey more than enough times but that’s because no one else seems to.

Any negativity towards Harvey is based off of his off the field lifestyle. I don’t care at all what he does off of the diamond. I hope he’s blowing lines out of a model’s asshole right now. I just don’t think he’s the Ace that the Mets wish he was.

[su_quote cite=”The Score” url=”″]”I made some pitches when I had to, and wasn’t able to when I really needed to,” Harvey said after the lackluster start. “That’s disappointing and pretty frustrating. You know, overall, my body feels fine. It’s not the way I wanted to start the season, but we have to pick up from it and get ready for Tuesday.”[/su_quote]


It is disappointing and pretty frustrating. But then you have to look in the outfield at Yoenis Cespedes who apparently has never worn a baseball mitt before.

I will actually defend Cespedes here. He was born and raised in Cuba. Do you think he was able to get corrected vision in the middle of a communist regime? His vision is probably 120/20. He’s lucky he can see 100mph fastballs.

Matt Harvey is more overrated however Cespedes is making $75 million over the next 3 years and he can’t catch fly balls, you know, the minimum requirement of playing centerfield in the major leagues.


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