The Oscars Accidentally Put a Living Woman in Their ‘In Memoriam’ Presentation

Hey, sometimes you have to wake up in the morning and remind the entire world that you’re still alive. Happens to literally everyone. No big deal. Standard day in the life.

Round of applause to Australian producer, Jan Chapman, whose phone was probably exploding last night after the Oscars accidentally posted her photo during the highly anticipated ‘In Memoriam’ presentation.

It’s safe to say that the 2017 Academy Awards didn’t quite go as planned. You can start with the fact that nearly every movie nominated will be forgotten by dinner time tonight. Half of the night was spent stroking Meryl Streep and the other half was watching tourists stumble through the front row and shake Denzel Washington’s hand in a segment that seemed to last no less than an hour. Gary, head back to Chicago so we can finish this little um, Oscars thing we’re trying to do.

Two movies won best picture and Jan Chapman isn’t dead. What are the chances they let Jimmy Kimmel host again? Zero percent? I know we’re alllll going to miss his nonstop and totally hilarious jokes where he made fun of Mahershala Ali’s name over and over again for reason. Comedy gold for sure. Again, not a great look to see Jan Chapman in memoriam if you’re Jan Chapman.




Sidenote: What do you do when you’re casually watching the Oscars on a Sunday night only to look up and see your photo pop up during the In Memoriam? I guess you just hop on Facebook and post an ‘lol jk’ status with a photo of you holding the day’s paper.




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