Oregon Superstar Sabrina Ionescu Openly Admits She Missed A Shot On Purpose To Secure Her 18th Career Triple-Double

A queen.

This is exactly what the sport is desperate for. We know some of the names of the WNBA stars but we know nothing of their personalities. The NBA promotes their players’ individuality as much as they promote their oncourt feats.

Enter Sabrina Ionescu who is accomplishing statistical feats that have never occurred in either women’s OR men’s college basketball as she secured her 18 career triple-double helping the Oregon Ducks move on to the Sweet 16.

In the Ducks 91-68 victory over Indiana, Sabrina put up 29 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists. Beast. She’s currently a junior but if she were to declare for the draft, it’s safe to say that she’d probably go No. 1 overall.

The game needs a stat hunting asshole like Russell Westbrook. This year in the NBA there are so many players getting monster stats like James Harden’s scoring streak or Giannis’s ridiculous scoring efficiency or Joel Embiid putting up prime Shaq numbers. Ionescu is bringing that to the women’s game.

Sabrina Ionescu is a superstar you can turn into a villain. Remember when Ricky Davis intentionally missed a free throw to get his own rebound and lock down a triple-double? Old white corny NBA purists all joined forces to reprimand him.

Personally, I love the move but let’s get a swarm of people hating her. Any publicity is good publicity.

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