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Oregon QB and Projected No. 1 Overall Draft Pick Justin Herbert Announces That He’s a Gigantic Nerd

Justin Herbert was expected to be the first quarterback taken off the board in the 2019 NFL draft but instead, he has elected to return for his senior season at Oregon.

You can pretty much go ahead and throw away his NFL future and erase him from every single draft board between now and forever. There’s something about Pac-12 quarterbacks. Whenever they stay for their final season, you know they’re going to be trash at the next level.

Matt Leinart set this precedent when he stayed for a 5th year at USC because he would rather win at the college level than in the NFL where they actually pay you to do it.

Then Jake Locker won player of the year at Washington and decided to run it back for another year in college. My man was drafted in 2011 and he’s already out of the league.

Anyone who would rather stay in school and take like, sociology classes, instead of playing in the NFL for million of dollars is a weirdo and should no longer be ruled draft eligible.

I am glad that Justin Herbert made this announcement before the New York Giants accidentally drafted this nerd who would rather sit in a European history lecture than get hit by Khalil Mack.

SEEE YAAAA, Herbert. Ya geek.


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