OnlyFans Is Singlehandedly Keeping Our Economy Alive

Coronavirus has destroyed the global economy as countries across the globe have shut down in order to stop the spread of this lethal airborne illness and as a result, millions upon millions have lost their jobs and we are on the precipes of a Great Depression 2K20. Until OnlyFans save us.

OnlyFans is a wonderful universe where content creators seize the means of production. Models, women more often than not, post provocative photos and videos that subscribers can pay a monthly fee to gain access to.

Models can also add a second layer of payment to views content which is my favorite feature. It’s like how Amazon Prime makes you pay a monthly fee while still making you pay to rent movies. OnlyFans women are stealing Jeff Bezos’s gross business plan. I love this song.

Oh, subscribers can also get personalized content and pay to have direct convos with their favorite performers. It is a utopia for dudes who loooove beating off.

Every time I scroll through Twitter, I see a new e-girl screenshotting their OnlyFans revenue during this COVID quarantine and these women are making money hand over fist. I never totally understood what that expression meant. What I meant to say is that OnlyFans girls are fucking rich now.

There are around 17 million Onlyfans users and 700,000 content creators on the app who have earned over $150 million since the app was created. After years of free streaming sites gutting the porn industry and absolutely changing my life for the better, OnlyFans allows these women to take control back of their content and their value.

Sex workers are thriving right now in a way that is normalizing the culture. Sure, there are still jokes out there but at the end of the day, if dudes weren’t paying for the nudes then there wouldn’t be so many women signing up to post the aforementioned nudes.

With so many people losing their jobs and the government dumping trillions back into Wall Street and the banks while only giving (some) citizens a one-time $1,200 check, we are pretty much on our own until this pandemic becomes more controllable through faster detection and more specific medical treatment.

In the meantime, OnlyFans is the perfect embodiment of American capitalism.

If everyone were to create a page then there would be a constant flow and stream of currency. People who make better content will be able to earn more and spend those additional earnings on OnlyFans pages that they enjoy and there will always be money moving. This is the trickle-down economics that George Bush tricked voters into thinking was a real thing.

And to everyone signing up as well as to everyone subscribing, let’s keep this same pro-sex work energy when the quarantines end. Instead of devouring hours of free porn on Xvideos, maybe throw $5 a month to your favorite actress so she can feed her family.

If you had that extra $5 a month to spend on the IG model who dipped her toes into fully nude content for 6 weeks when you weren’t getting any paychecks then you can afford to give that same money to actual sex workers who aren’t using this virus to exploit our depressed horniness.

Wait a minute. It’s almost as if sex workers are just like us!!!! Whoa. Support local artists and girls with big butts. We all need each other to get through this plague. Toss Kelsi Monroe an extra $10 bucks. She’s earned it.






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