One Time Charlie Rose Told 2 Young Female Employees That They Should Bang Each Other

Out of all the weird rich old white men caught up in the #MeToo movement for being weirdos and creeps to women for years, I’ve been pretty quiet about Charlie Rose because 1.) I don’t really give a shit about this irrelevant host of a talk show no one under the age of 60 watches and 2.) I’ve met him multiple times and I could 1000% tell he was the type of dude who’ll just place his flaccid dick on a girl’s shoulder after inviting her over to his house to ‘work’ so, in a way, I’m complacent. I helped Charlie Rose, basically.

But the details of this 76-year old lurking around young women in their 20’s is too strange to ignore. My man had NO game but constantly flirted with young employees as if he had any chance with these women.

Now, Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeil and Chelsea Wei filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Rose because he constantly touched these women inappropriately and said weird shit to them. Charlie Rose told one of these girls that he hired them because he ‘likes tall women’ and then proceeded to ask her about her sex life. Charlie Rose is the last person that anyone, man or woman, wants to talk about their sex life with.

Here are a few more details from this lawsuit:

“Mr. Rose repeatedly boasted of his sexual conquests, telling [his employees], ‘You should have seen the women that I was with when I was younger,’ ” the suit says.

He also “suggested to Ms. Harris and Ms. McNeal that they have sex with each other and told them words to the effect of, ‘You just need to become lovers already,’ indicating that he was having sexual fantasies about them,” the suit says.

They were once summoned to his Bellport, LI, home, where he allegedly said, “I better not hear any stories about two young women swimming naked together” in his swimming pool.


“Juuuuust hump each other already.” Charlie Rose was tired of waiting for these two women to hook up like everyone watching the last season of Game of Thrones any time Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow were on the screen together. Rose was getting angry like he was watching early episodes of The Office like’ UGH, okayyyy Pam just leave Roy and date Jim already’.

Except, ya know, he was speaking to female employees and like, fapping while he was saying it so it’s not quite the same. “I better not hear any stories about two young women swimming naked together in my pool.” Charlie better not walk into his backyard and see two gorgeous women scissoring on his back patio. He better not wake up in the morning with two hot chicks in his bed. He’s going to be pissed if he gets stuck in a threesome with two beautiful girls.

What a great dude.



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