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One Play From The Giants Loss To the Bears Demonstrates How Awful This Team Is And How Dumb I Am For Watching Them

The New York Giants lost 13-17 to the Chicago Bears because of course they did. They start the season 0-2 because of course they did. Saquon Barkley tore his ACL and is out for the season.  Daniel Jones continues to be a turnover machine. The defense is trash.

But there is one play specifically that just shows how much of a dummy I am for watching this awful team every week.

That is the New York Giants attempting to make the Bears defense jump offsides. The problem is, the center doesn’t even have his hand on the ball. There is no reason for the Bears to jump the snap when the center is quite literally in no position to actually snap it.

This is the level of attention to detail that we are witnessing year after year. Doesn’t matter if it’s Ben McAdoo or Pat Shurmur or Joe Judge, this team jogs out onto the field for the coin toss and just has no idea how to play football.

I’ve watched this clip 9,000 times. The offense walks off the field so defeated and shocked that Chicago didn’t run through the line. How.

Remember when we were told Joe Judge was a combination of Bill Belichick and Nick Saban because he like, used to run their social media accounts or some shit and now it appears his team has no idea how to play the sport.

I still cannot believe that Dave Gettleman was given another year to ruin this team. It’s his fault that Joe Judge is the coach with zero fucking experience and it’s his fault that the Giants have Nick Gates playing with zero fucking experience.

The Giants allowed Mitch Trubisky to complete 64% of his passes and throw 2 touchdown. I’m sick. Everyone in the Giants organization needs to clear out their locker or desk. Furlough every single employee on the payroll.

The New York Giants attempted to make the Bears defense jump offsides and the center didn’t even touch the football. Cancel the season.



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