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Ben Simmons’s Sister Came Out Of The Clouds To Shit On Lavar and Lonzo Ball

Shout to Olivia Simmons for coming out of the vapors with Ball family slander. Everyone has their little hot takes about Lavar Ball after we went on a rant this week about not marketing Big Baller Brand to women.

Here’s the problem with Olivia Simmons talking shit, you can’t call out Lonzo Ball for having all the hype before playing in the NBA while your brother literally had all the hype and has still yet to play in the NBA. Pot + Kettle.

Every let my man Lavar live. He’s just out here trying to sell the dream. Don’t get mad at Lavar for talking spicy on the mic, get mad at people for continuing to give him a mic. This is the exact same reason why I love Kellyanne Conway. Say wild shit. Make headlines. Cash checks. Repeat.

Lonzo Ball will have a better career than Ben Simmons.1





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