Oliver Luck Becoming the Commissioner of the XFL Means Absolutely Nothing Unless He Can Convince His Son To Join

What Happened?

Oliver Luck was the vice president of the NCAA and a member of the College Football Playoff Committee which as I write out, sounds like a bunch of made of titles that they gave this guy like, out of respect or whatever. They probably gave him an office and a Gmail account and left him alone until he grabbed his empty briefcase and left at 5pm every day.

Now he is the commissioner of the XFL, which again, sounds like a completely made up and unimportant title. This is the point in life I want to get to. An old man that did some cool stuff when I was younger and at this point, people are giving me phony positions of power because statistically old people die sooner after they retire.

Can Oliver Luck save the XFL?


The NFL is a juggernaut right now and the only thing that can take them down is the President of the United States shitting on them every chance he can. The XFL can find a strong corner if they can double-down and kick guys out if they kneel. Turn the National Anthem into the most important part of the game.

Fuck it, turn the field into a gigantic flag. Every team needs to be wearing red, white and blue everything. Make sure the black players don’t have any opinions. Let’s remember, these guys are rich. How dare they critique this country. They’re so ungrateful, right?

Just make the XFL the confederate league.

Oh, but most importantly, Oliver Luck needs to force his son to play. Let’s face it, Andrew Luck is a bust. All of his bones are broken. He hasn’t thrown a football since the Ford Administration. My man got hit so many times that his organs were lacerated. Andrew Luck needed surgery to stop internal bleeding. Jesus.

Yea, get him out of Indianapolis and send him to Iowa, or wherever the XFL teams are planning to set up their headquarters. If Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III battle for the XFL title that would continue the ongoing debate of the 2012 NFL Draft. Who is better. Find out in the XFL in 2020.


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