Old Crusty White Man Peter King Took Antonio Brown Off His All-Pro Ballet Because He Skipped Practices But Voted For Tyreek Hill WHO BEAT UP A PREGNANT WOMAN


Old white NFL writers are undefeated in their bullshit and hypocrisy. In a sport where there are weekly reports of players dribbling their girlfriend’s heads against their hardwood floors like Kyrie Irving on a fast break, there seems to be more distaste and anger towards players who are deemed ‘me-first’ and put their own personal brands above the teams.

Last week, an old white Steelers fan at a bar tried to explain to me that Le’Veon Bell was selfish for wanting guaranteed money and nearly lost his mind. I could feeeel the n-word sitting in his throat. His head nearly exploded. He said the word ‘selfish’ more times than anyone has ever said any word in a 60-second span. Peter King would’ve voted that man All-Pro.

Coincidentally, when I brought up Ben Roethlisberger’s history of being a sexual predator, he had no real thoughts. ‘We’ll never really know what happened with those women’. Ah, the sweet sweet sound of enabling and reinforcing rape culture. Right up there for best songs of all time with Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks.

What exactly did Antonio Brown do wrong that negates the fact that he had 104 receptions, 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns? Yes, you can say he quit on his team in Week 17 by getting angry at Ben Roethlisberger and then not showing up the rest of the practices for the week but mind you, Brown did show up on Sunday ready to do what he always does, catch amazing touchdown passes and be the objectively best player on the field any time he’s on the field.

He is a narcissist who seems genuinely unpleasant to be around unless you’re fanning him or feeding him grapes but at the end of the day, he was there on Sunday ready to complete. Mike Tomlin made the decision to discipline him and sit him out but Brown was there on gameday.

So get Peter King the fuuuuuuck out of here for taking his All-Pro vote back. The All-Pro list is for players who were the best on the field and outperformed their competition. Players who helped their teams win on Sunday.

It’s not the All-Teammate list.

Also, how many players on the Pittsburgh Steelers need to feud with Ben Roethlisberger before we hold Ben responsible for all of the drama. The dude is a straight up dick who constantly points the finger at his teammates for every wrong move HE makes.

Of course Antonio Brown got into an argument with Ben Roethlisberger. I’ve spent zero minute with Ben and I already hate him. I can’t imagine how AB must feel about that rapist.

Speaking of asshole men who take advantage of women but continue to be rewarded while guys who are bad teammates are treated like murderers, shout out to Peter King for deciding to give an All-Pro vote to Tyreek Hill, a man who was arrested for ragdolling and choking out his pregnant girlfriend.

By the way, if you’re an NFL writer who voted for Tyreek Hill because you like to separate what a player does off the field with what they do on it, I get it. Personally, that’s not how I like to operate but it’s an understandable stance to take especially as a New York Giants fan who knows Lawrence Taylor is probably the best linebacker ever and also the worst human being ever.

I get it.

Plus, I don’t know much about the Tyreek Hill apology tour or what steps who took to change but he and the woman he powerbombed are still together and they had a healthy baby boy and they seem to have gotten past everything and blah blah. People change or whatever.

But to strip a vote for All-Pro, the highest honor in the NFL, from Antonio Brown because he’s a bad teammate while simultaneously giving your vote to Tyreek Hill, WHO BEAT UP A PREGNANT WOMAN, is some grade A bullshit and you should not be allowed anywhere near All-Pro voting ever again.

Get Peter King the fuuuuuuck out of here.


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