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Oklahoma Mother, Who Once Married Her Son, Arrested For Marrying Her Daughter

Patricia Spann, 45, pleaded guilty to the felony offence of incest and admitted wedding her biological daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 26.

The mother lost custody of her children and reunited with her daughter in 2014.

The two married in March 2016 after same-sex marriage became legal in the state.

Investigators later discovered Patricia Spann had previously wed her son.

Her son, who was 18 years old at the time, annulled the marriage on incest charges in 2010 after tying the knot with his mother in 2008, according to the Oklahoman.



Can we please let Patricia Spann live? Damn. How many times are the courts going to rip love away from her? All she wants to do is marry her soulmate and allll of sudden the justice system has to get involved because these people happen to crawl out of her vag or whatever.

Love is love.

Patricia Spann certainly has a type: anyone that shares 50% of her DNA.

I’ve been titled a narcissist in the past and I definitely am attracted to girls that remind me of myself so homegirl here is simply taking that to the next level. She’s taking the initiative of creating her own future spouses.

Dating. Is. Hard.

First she was heartbroken after the unfortunate divorce with her son back in 2010 and just when she thought she finally the met The One, turns out the morality police is kicking down her door and throwing her in the back of a police car.

Here’s a fun fact, her daughter is 26 years old. I’m pretty sure at that point she can make her own decisions. Sure, we can all agree it’s a strange choice but it’s not like she is some 14 year old girl being brainwashed.

Love is crazy. Free Patricia.


Sidenote: Patricia Spann looks exactly like Gail the Snail, right? Like this is exactly some weird shit that Gail the Snail would do. I mean, she jerked off Frank.



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