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Okay, We Can All Stop Pretending Like Kamala Harris Exists Now

Wednesday night’s debate was Kamala Harris’s to lose. She lost. From the beginning to the end, she seemed unprepared and totally unaware of her own public criticisms.

She ended her boring opening statement with the line “successfully prosecute the case of four more years of Donald Trump…and against” I’m sorry, what’s that? People misspeak all the time and I won’t mock Kamala for that when Joe Biden couldn’t seem to remember any of the English language.

But if the major criticism of you is your prosecution history and the fact that you’re a cop, maybe don’t open up by saying ‘Vote for me. I’m a cop’.

And from that moment on, Kamala was on the defensive. You can only blame CNN for turning that awful health care ‘debate’ into everyone against Kamala.

That is the massive flaw with the way those two debates were broken up. Clearly, CNN wanted to set up a progressive vs. moderate debate but they put the two most progressive candidates in the same debate while leaving Kamala on her own against everyone.

And yes, there were progressives like Andrew Yang and Cory Booker on the same stage but they haven’t released their own detailed health care plans yet like Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have so the entire first hour was framed as everyone vs. Kamala which I’d argue, is the least productive way to have a conversation about literally anything.

Thank gawd for Tulsi Gabbard speaking as the voice of everyone watching as she was the first one to finally call Kamala out for being the police.


Joe Biden made his career by increasing the private prison system and expanding the militarization of the police. He created many of the problems we see today.

Anddd Kamala Harris was right there helping put those people in jail so as much as she may try to point to Biden’s past, hers sucks too. I don’t want to hear either of them lie to me about their new criminal justice stances.

Here’s what Kamala Harris had to say about the incident:

Two things can be true at the same time. Kamala Harris can be lightyears ahead of Tulsi Gabbard in the polls and Tulsi Gabbard could’ve dunked on Kamala Harris’s head and hung on the rim. Both can be true.

And before someone spins her arrogance into confidence, let’s be very clear that Hillary had the same level of confidence when she was lazily campaigning against Trump.

Trump is president and Hillary wrote a book or some shit.

Tulsi also brought up another super important point: no one gives a shit about Joe Biden vs. Kamala Harris in the battle of the segregated busses 40 years ago. I honestly cannot believe the CNN moderators attempted to bring back that talking point from the first debate.

Kamala Harris arrested parents when their kids skipped school. She was opposed to state-wide body cams for police officers. She is anti-sex workers which I’ve written about in the past but basically sex work is going to happen and the more strict the laws are against it, the more dangerous of situations you’re putting these women in. She was anti-weed.


The greatest trick Kamala Harris ever played was convincing the world that she’s a progressive democrat. Get homegirl OUT of here.

sidenote: You did your job Tulsi. You can beat it too.


Written by TheLesterLee

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