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Okay, That’s Enough…Get Sonny Gray The Fuuuuuck Out of Here

For whatever reason, the New York Yankees decided to give a spot start to Sonny Gray, the worst pitcher on the team by miles, in the middle of a playoff race and the result was a 5-10 blowout loss to the Minnesota Twins in a game that was lost the second Sonny Gray’s tiny little head stepped unto the mound.

The Oakland A’s won on Tuesday night while the Yankees lost which means New York only has a 2 game lead over the A’s for home field advantage in a Wild Game 1-Game Playoff. If the Yankees really think they can fly across the country to Oakland to beat one of the hottest teams in baseball and then immediately fly back to beat Boston, the team that swept them last month, then I’ll be nice and say that their overconfidence is…cute.

Sonny Gray gave up 3 runs in 3 innings which doesn’t sound as bad as it appeared live. The bases were loaded twice over those 3 innings and he looked like he had no idea where the ball was going when it left his tiny little baby hands.

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?? About three weeks ago, Sonny Gray said he was one of the best starting pitchers in the league. From my understanding, the best starting pitchers can locate the strike zone and make it to the 4th inning.

Look, the Yankees are also struggling offensively. Giancarlo Stanton’s at-bats are automatic outs. Gary Sanchez grounded into a double play with the bases loaded after he was up in the count 3-0 and instead of trying to just get a hit to score a run, my man was swinging for the fences like he was trying to impress a first date at the batting cages.

But this isn’t about the offense. Didi Gregorius hit a grand slam. Teams shouldn’t lose games where they hit grand slams but because Sonny Gray sucked the life out of the clubhouse, the game was over already.

Sonny Gray has a 4.99 ERA and is averaging 4 walks per 9 innings. If the Yankees wanted to give their rotation an extra day of rest, I would have been totally cool with throwing Chance Adams out there again. At least he pitched more than 3 innings in his debut last month.

What does Sonny Gray need to do to prove to the New York Yankees that he simply cannot pitch? I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if Gray started the Wild Card game because Aaron Boone loves losing so much. It’s his favorite thing in the world.

Get Sonny Gray the fuuuuuck out of here.




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