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Okay Nevermind, Kyle Lauletta is Garbage

It’s finally happened. After a second consecutive losing season, Eli Manning has finally been benched for a rookie quarterback. We’re going to collectively pretend like Eli wasn’t benched last season because we do not recognize Geno Smith as an NFL quarterback. That game never happened.

Kyle Lauletta is the rookie QB drafted in the 4th round out of Richmond and after weeks of Pat Shurmur evading all questions surrounding his debut, Lauletta took the field against the Washington Redskins in a 40-0 blowout victory.

Then he went 0-for-5 with an interception and it became abundantly clear why he wasn’t even active this entire season. It was like watching a man play football for the very first time i his life but it just happened to be in an NFL game.

Now, there are reasons to explain his trouble. First of all, the Giants were up 40-0 which means the team was just trying to run the ball to kill clock which led to obvious 3rd and long passing situations. Very few quarterbacks can succeed in that environment.

We’re also still looking at the same offensive line that just lets blitzing linebackers walk through gaps with no contact so benching Eli didn’t activate a brand new group of linemen.

Having said that, he still was throwing awful footballs. Baker Mayfield doesn’t always have the best stats week-to-week but every time the football leaves his hands, you can tell why Cleveland drafted him No. 1 overall. Every ball is perfectly placed where only the wide receiver can catch it.

Kyle Lauletta was throwing passes fucking anywhere. Well, anywhere except where the wide receiver’s hand were. I’m glad Odell Beckham didn’t make the road trip or else he would’ve bodyslammed Lauletta on the sidelines like a kicking net.

I just want to quickly take this opportunity to remind Dave Gettleman and all NFL GMs that you cannot waste draft picks on BACK UP quarterbacks. Gettleman didn’t draft Lauletta to replace Eli. He drafted Lauletta because quarterback was a ‘need’ that he had to address.

He could’ve easily signed, let’s say Josh Johnson, who came into replace Mark Sanchez and quickly marched down the field and scored even though he hadn’t thrown an NFL pass since 2011. Sign your backups and draft actual position players. Imagine how much better the Giants would be this season if they picked up an offensive or defensive lineman in the 4th round instead of Kyle Lauletta who will be writing for Deadseriousness by this time next year.

But now we know. Kyle Lauletta: Actual Trash.





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