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Okay, It’s Time To Get Kodak Black All The Way The Fuck Out of Here

Kodak Black has been one of the most problematic rappers for a minute now and over the weekend this loser took things too far with some fucked up comments about Lauren London, the late wife of Nipsey Hussle.

Kodak said he was going to give Lauren London a year to grief and then he’ll try to hump her after. What an insane thing to insinuate when the entire rap community, all of your peers, are all mourning the loss of her husband.

Why would you put this on Instagram live? Why do you have the body of a 4-year old toddler and NEVER have a shirt on? How is your chest ashy? I’ve never seen anything like that before. Drink more water.

Kodak says and does awful things and people have defended or ignored his bullshit for all this time. We’re done with that now. His music is trash. He talks like his pregnant mother spent all 9 months chugging Grey Goose. Just 9 months straight of it.

Oh, he was also arrested for rape:

Kodak Black, who was born named Dieuson Octave, was arrested on the sexual assault charge in November 2016, WMBF reported.

The girl did not immediately report the assault to law enforcement; instead she told a nurse at her Richland County high school, who informed the school resource officer before the information was eventually brought to the attention of the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, according to WPDE.

Clements confirmed to The State that the girl was not a minor when the crime occurred; otherwise the charges would have been different to reflect that.

According to the arrest warrant, Kodak Black forced the girl onto the bed, then the floor where he committed sexual battery, although she “repeatedly told the defendant no and to stop. The defendant did not stop.” He also bit the girl on the “neck and her right breast,” injuries that were documented in a rape kit, the arrest warrant said. (Source)

It’s a wrap for this piece of shit. Personally, I really hope that everyone screaming at him for talking inappropriately about Lauren London have this same energy in regards to this sexual assault.

I don’t care if you’re 61 years old or 21, children learn right from wrong by like, age 10. I don’t want to hear that he’s just a ‘kid’. Nah b. We don’t rape women here.

There zero things to like about this kid.

He sounds like he eats glue and can’t quite figure out how to draw inside the lines of his coloring book. His music is for children that have never heard better music before. All of his interviews are awkward because he has absolutely nothing of value to say and he is completely inarticulate with no idea how to express his thoughts.

Kodak recently harrassed Young MA on Instagram because she’s gay and doesn’t want to sleep with him. A couple of years ago, Kodak said he doesn’t like black women.

Zero reasons to like this kid.

OH, and he’s a rapist. Fuck Kodak Black.

Get him OUUUUUUUT of here for the rest of forever.

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