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Okay, I Finally Understand Why Chance Adams Will Never Make The Yankees Major League Roster

The New York Yankees are currently 20 games above .500 and 4.5 games ahead of the Montreal Rays which is their biggest lead in the AL East since 2015. They’ve won 8 of their last 9 games.

This team is absolutely rolling yet they still have one massive flaw: starting pitching.

Luis Severino isn’t walking through that door this season. Their lack of starting pitching becomes really obvious when they matchup against the Astros who throw out Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole back-to-back while the Yankees have JA Happ and CC Sabathia.

The top pitchers in the league rarely ever hit the open free agent market and when they do, their asking price is far greater than the Yankees are willing to spend because they are a small market team pinching pennies, apparently.

So when the team is unwilling to buy a pitcher like Dallas Keuchel, you would expect them to have young prospects ready to step up because as of right now, they have a 4-man rotation and on the 5th day they burn through their bullpen.

Not a great long term strategy.

Domingo German stepped up this year and became the Ace while Severino’s arm was falling off but no one in the organization actually expected him to be that dominant.

Plus, prior to hitting the IL, German was coming dangerously close to his innings limit and would’ve been out of the rotation by August regardless of how well he was doing.

Where the hell did the Los Angeles Dodgers get 22 year old Julio Urias and 24-year old Walker Buehler leading their rotation while the Yankees keep trying out Jonathan Loaisiga and Stephen Tarpley who both *checks notes* suck.

Chance Adams was supposed to be the Prince Who Was Promised but he can’t seem to ever get a real call-up and a chance to start every 5 days.

Anddddd now I see why. My god. Adams can’t figure out the mound. He surely doesn’t stand a chance against JD Martinez and Mookie Betts.

Nevermind about everything I’ve ever said about Chance Adams. He was destined to play in the minor leagues.

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