OJ Simpson Dressed As OJ Simpson For Halloween

There are OJ Simpson Halloween pictures on the Internet which is a weird thing to say considering he straight up murdered two human beings and now just has a semi-popular Twitter feed where he gives out fantasy football picks and Buffalo Bills encouragement, but go off Killer.

The craziest part about OJ Simpson dressing up as OJ Simpson for Halloween is these kids pretending to know who he even is and wanting to take photos with him. Who the fuck is allowing their children to be anywhere near the Simpson home?

What type of candy do you think OJ is giving out to trick-or-treaters? Full-sized Snickers? Or is he handing out $5 bills and wallet-sized headshots? Actually, he probably answers the door emptyhanded and tells the kids stories of his playing days.

Come on OJ, you had 9 years in prison to plan out a good Halloween costume. You can’t be whipping out an old game jersey that is probably a fake cheap replica jersey because he went to prison trying to steal back his old jersey.

Let’s just be glad every day that goes by where OJ doesn’t, ya know, kill.



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