Oh, We’re All Going To Just Play The Shit Out of Ryan Gosling?

The Academy Award nominations have been released today and for some reason, there is a movie completely absent from all of the big categories.

I’m going to need someone to explain to me right now why First Man doesn’t have any Oscar nominations?

The amount of disrespect for this movie is wild. It’s like the Academy is full of Infowars subscribers that believe the moonlanding was fake so they didn’t even bother watching this movie.

First Man wasn’t a perfect film but it was perfect for some Oscar consideration. It was directed by Damien Chazelle who was praised two years for making wack ass La La Land. Everyone and their mothers were talking about how great La La Land was. They stole every single Academy Award in 2017. Chazelle was the king of cinema.

I may have not loved La La Land but his 2014 film, Whiplash was absolute fire and that’s when the Chazelle buzz began. Everything was leading up to First Man getting recognition and it seemed like it hit a few select theatres and vanished without interacting with the culture at all.

Even the writer of the film, Josh Singer, wrote The Post and Spotlight. Again, another person poised to be a perennial Oscar nominee was snubbed out of the event entirely.

Perhaps there is overall moonlanding fatigue. There have been plenty of books, documentaries and movies already covering this subject. I can admit that I dreaded watching this because how many times can we stroke Neil Armstrong? We get it. He went to the moon. Dope.

This movie doesn’t add anything new to this story and that wasn’t already common knowledge. But when you’re done rolling your eyes about sitting through more NASA propaganda, you are enthralled by the way space travel is actually depicted in this film.

For the time ever, First Man was able to show how shitty those rockets looked in the 60’s. The shuttles he’s sitting in look like middle school art projects and somehow they were able to send them into space.

I knew Neil Armstrong survives that docking scene but I was still on edge the entire sequence from the moment he separates from the Agena and spins out of control to the moment he is able to dock safely while the guy next to him was the most unconscious I’ve ever seen an unconscious person.

There is anxiety every time he leaves the atmosphere. The noise in those scenes alone is jarring enough to make you fully understand that going to space is far more difficult than a commercial airplane leaving Laguardia.

But the people who appreciated the visuals still seem to have one complaint: Neil Armstrong is boring. And that’s absolutely correct which is why casting Ryan Gosling was perfect.

There is no actor on planet Earth better at looking disillusioned and mentally preoccupied than Gosling. Neil loses his daughter in the opening scene and proceeds to watch all of his friends die seemingly on a weekly basis but has to maintain focus on getting to the moon.

This is Gosling at his best. It’s him in Drive not saying a word for a majority of the film. It’s him literally playing a robot in Blade Runner 2049 struggling with suppressing his emotions as he tries to do his job.

And these motherfuckers in the Academy are trying to play my boy, Ryan.

You’re going to act like you didn’t see this movie and then crawl as close to your screen as possible when he finally landed on the moon. It was the loudest silent scene I’ve ever witnesses. It was the most captivating movie scene of the year.

Also, shout out to Claire Foy for stepping into the ring and holding her own with Gosling. Another person who deserved recognition for her performance in First Man.

Shame on you, Academy.

I should point out that First Man was completely shut out from the Oscars. They were nominated for Best Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Visual Effects and they better get every single one of those awards.

Put some respect on Ryan Gosling’s name. First Man was better than you guys are acting.



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