Oh No, Dennis Rodman Just Discovered Memes

It’s 2019 and Dennis Rodman has just learned what ‘Rick Rolling’ is. I suppose everyone has that weird old relative in their lives who shares memes from 2013 on Facebook all day long like ‘Fail’ photos and Harlem Shake videos. We’re a week away from Rodman tagging Kim Jong Un to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

It’s still wild to me that Dennis Rodman has even made it to 2019 what with all the drugs and chemicals and visits to North Korea and an overall life consisting of nonstop bad decisions. After the inevitable nuclear war wipes out human life, all that will remain on this planet are cockroaches and Rodman with new face piercings laughing his ass off at that pizza rat video from like, 2014.

Wait til Rodman finds out about all the free porn.




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Written by TheLesterLee

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