Oh Hey, Baylee Curran

Sooo I guess the big news of the day is that Chris Brown casually threatened a random woman with a gun. I even wrote about it and kind of just shrugged it off. Typical Chris Brown antics. If you’re a woman in arm’s length of Chris, he’s going to threaten your life. Remix a remix, it’s back to normal.

Well, now it’s around 3pm while I’m writing this and Chris Brown is locked in his house while the police wait outside to arrest him. Here’s a quick glance at Chris when he finally steps outside of his house.


We’ve also learned the identity of the woman who got pistol whipped. Miss Baylee Curran.


Shot in the waterfalls of Yosemite

A photo posted by Baylee Curran (@bayleecurran) on

A photo posted by Baylee Curran (@bayleecurran) on

LA SwimWeek 2016 @versaswimwear @laswimweek

A photo posted by Baylee Curran (@bayleecurran) on

Oh heyyy, Baylee Curran.

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