Offset May Have Some Regrets

Last week, Cardi B posted a video on her Instagram of her publicly announcing that she and Offset were no longer together saying that the two had ‘fallen out of the love.’ Aw.

They got married September 2017. This lovely couple lasted about one whole year which is interesting considering that throughout that entire year, it seemed as though we were seeing brand new clips and photos of Offset hooking up with women that weren’t Cardi.

We should be proud of Cardi B for finally standing up for herself and moving on. It couldn’t have been easy for her but in her video, she appeared very calm and at peace with the decision.

Which is the absolute worst thing you want to see post-break up. Now, you don’t always wish death upon your ex but the last thing you want to see is them like, doing well. If you’re miserable, you want to know that they’re struggling as well.

You don’t want to see them smiling and posting thirst traps on Instagram. You’re suddenly scrolling through all the people that are liking their photo trying to figure out which one is banging your ex right now. Nah, you want them posting sad song lyrics or completely off social media entirely because they’re so heartbroken.

But nope, Cardi is doing just fine. She’s really out here bragging about divorcing Offset while Offset is tweeting about how much he misses her. Yikes.

Can’t wait til these two get back together next week and then we see another video of Offset cheating on her with some random IG model out on a balcony somewhere. It’s ALWAYS outside on a balcony.




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