This Whole Odell Beckham Jr. vs. The Kicking Net Joke is Mega Lame

I love Odell Beckham. He is the best player in the league and it isn’t even close. He single-handedly destroyed the Baltimore Ravens. Don’t let ODB get hot because once he catches the ball on the run, he’s in the end zone.

However, I can’t sit through another entire NFL broadcast in which the announce team jokes about Odell’s ‘relationship’ with the kicking net. There is nothing that bothers me more than lame ass jokes. Here’s where it all started:

Odell got frustrated and hit the kicking net. The net hit him back. Odell Beckham isn’t the most liked guy in the NFL so I’m sure it was wonderful for people to see him get his face smashed in. Was it funny? Sure, whatever. But I wish that was the end of the nonsense. None of my wishes ever come true.

Odell Beckham kept the joke going by kissing the net after a touchdown. So mega super duper funny omg. This seems like a logical conclusion of this storyline. But nope, not even close.

Yay, one more week of this net shit. I swear to god if he brings out little smaller nets and pretends to have a net family next time he scores a touchdown, I’m going to just vomit on the spot. Be better, everyone.

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