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Odell Beckham Jr. Wants Over $20 Million In His Next Contract and the New York Giants Should Pay Every Single Penny

We need start off by making one thing quite clear: Odell Beckham Jr is the best player on the New York Giants by miles and he is the best wide receiver in the NFL. Those are very true facts.

ODB is currently set to earn $8.4 million this season and for comparison sake, Antonio Brown is the highest paid receiver making $17 million in 2018. That seems…off.

In his first three seasons, Beckham caught 288 passes for 4,122 yards and 35 touchdowns. Those are ridiculous numbers for a wide receiver. He went to the Pro Bowl all three seasons and prior to breaking his ankle last season, he was poised to break every single record ever.

Beckham has no reason to play this year until he gets paid and he’s already made that quite clear when he was asked on Twitter how many preseason games he plans to appear in.


New Giants general manager, Dave Gettleman, is having none of this contract malarky:

“I’m not gonna go into it, OK?” Gettleman said, when asked where Beckham’s negotiations stand on his list of priorities. “I’m not gonna talk about contracts, and what I’m always gonna tell you guys is contracts get done when they’re supposed to get done. That’s it.”

(NY Daily News)


So here’s the thing, Odell Beckham Jr is 25 years old and the New York Giants need to pay him every single penny that he wants.

Yes, the wide receiver position is less valuable than the offensive line and the quarterback but look at the team we’re currently talking about. The New York Giants do not have either of those things.

Eli Manning has no protection and no arm strength. His best chance at success is quick 2-second slant throws to Odell and hoping that Beckham breaks that slant route into an 80-yard touchdown burst.

There is no running game. When ODB went out last season, it became abundantly clear that outside of him, there are zero other playmakers on this team and again, LOOK AT THOSE STATS. We’re not talking about giving the bag to Percy Harvin or Jarvis Landry.

Odell Beckham Jr might go down as the best wide receiver in NFL history and allowing him to holdout and leave at the end of the year is a foolproof plan to ensure that the Giants continue to have the number two draft pick for the remainder of time.

Pay. Him. Everything.



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