Odell Beckham Jr. Has His Own Line of Emojis For No Reason

There’s no bigger sign of success than having your own line of emojis. I read an article the other day that asked the question: who is the greatest New York Giants wide receiver of all time. I will answer that question with a simple question. Which Giants receiver has their own line of emojis? I don’t see Ike Hilliard’s bitch ass on my iPhone keyboard.

I can’t wait for the NFL season to begin. Not because I’m super excited about seeing the Giants defense give up an alarming amount of yards or to see Eli’s ridiculous face or even to see ODB make wild one-hand catches. I just want to stop reading stories about Odell Beckham doing weird shit like humping Khloe Kardashian or having his own line of emojis.

I just want him on the field punching cornerbacks who play him too aggressively because for whatever reason he doesn’t believe defenders are allowed to be physical with him. Just a stand-up guy all around. I like my wide receivers to be maniacs. He’s going to break every NFL record and App store record all in one calendar year.



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