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Odell Beckham is the Worst Person in the World

After LSU’s college football championship victory over Clemson on Monday night, the LSU program was immediately put under the microscope by the NCAA for potential violations because Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Odell Beckham, did Odel Beckham stuff.

It is against NCAA rules for college athletes to earn money so Odell standing in the center of so many video cameras handing LSU star receiver, Justin Jefferson, cash might not have been the best idea ever.

LSU quickly said that the money was fake and LSU quarterback, Joe Borrow, immediately ran to Barstool Sports to tell everyone that the money was very much real and Odell handed him some of that sweet sweet cash as well.

Hoes mad.

There’s are two levels of conversation surrounding this *eye roll* controversy.

One aspect of this nonsense is how silly it is that players being handed like, $400, is enough to penalize the entire LSU athletic program. The fact that players can’t earn money yet these schools make hundreds of millions of dollars off their performance is disgusting.

LSU brought in $145 million in 2017. The players on that team made $0 million.

The coaches make millions of dollars. The players make zeros of dollars and the second they find change in an old jacket pocket, the school gets the death penalty and loses all of their scholarships and championships get erased.

Everyone against the athletes being paid always claims that these scholarships and the meals the players they receive are good enough. If an entire industry would not exist without your free labor then the labor deserves a piece of the financial pie. Keep your weak ass scholarships.

Oh they get a free room and three meals a day but aren’t actually given pay for their work? I think I’ve heard of a similar economic system. *Googles slavery*.

But the other aspect of this story that might be even more frustrating is people’s desperate need to jump out of the window with Odell Beckham slander.

There is a laundry list of tiny things Odell has done throughout his career that has been treated by sports media and the annoying fans as if he should be hanging from the gallows pole.

After being frustrated with a New York Giants loss, Odell Beckham swung his helmet at the kicking net on the sidelines and the kicking net swung back and hit him the face. Instead of us all laughing at how silly that was, it became a week long discussion about Odell being irrational on the sidelines and a ‘distraction’ to the team.

Let’s make one thing clear: when the defense is preparing to stop opposing teams, they aren’t struggling in the film room because they can’t stop thinking about Odell accidentally hitting himself in the face with a kicking net. Landon Collins didn’t constantly give up receiving touchdowns because his mind was filled with thoughts of Odell.

The next week, Odell scored a touchdown and celebrated by kissing the kicking net. Personally, I thought it was super corny but I suppose I never considered Odell to have like, the greatest sense of humor but instead of everyone saying ‘haha that was cute’, the conversation turned into how selfish and self-centered Odell was for keeping the kicking net storyline alive.

  • He went on vacation the weekend of a playoff game
  • He sat down for a weird interview next to Lil Wayne and alluded to the fact that Eli Manning wasn’t good enough to get him the ball (which was a factual statement)
  • He was fined for wearing the wrong cleats
  • He was fined for wearing an expensive watch on the field
  • He was asked to change visors in the middle of a game
  • He requested a trade from the Cleveland Browns

At most, all of those things add up to an immature guy who is sort of annoying.

Tyreek Hill beat the shit out of his son and it was hardly even talked about on all these ESPN shows. Mike Francesa didn’t go on a rant about him. Antonio Brown raped a woman and everyone is like ‘lololol AB is so craAaAzy lolol’.

There is literally a fucking arrest warrant for Odell Beckham right now after he patted an LSU fake cop on the butt in the locker room as they were celebrating their championship win.

That ‘cop’ pressed charges because it was Odell Beckham. That’s fact. If that was Jarvis Landry slapping his butt, we wouldn’t even know it happened. No one would’ve batted an eye.

I just hope they throw the book at this slug. Lock him up and throw away the key. It’ll give more touches to his teammate, Kareem Hunt, who was seen on video kicking a woman in the face. THAT man deserves more and Odell deserves the death penalty.

ASSAULT. Hang this man before someone else gets hurt. He singlehandedly tore down the LSU football program and then he pummeled a police officer. The world would be a better place without this animal.




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