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Odell Beckham’s New Haircut Makes Him Look Like a Little Weenie

Odell Beckham is currently dealing with a minor injury that kept him in New York this past weekend as the New York Giants traveled to Washington to beat Mark Sanchez’s brains in.

Annnnddd this is what happens when you leave Odell Beckham alone with no supervision. He cuts his signature golden locks and turns into a little baby weenie boy. Look at this child.

The New York Giants are 5-8 and somehow still mathematically eligible for the playoffs but that’s all over now that Odell has turned into a little baby. I can’t support this haircut, my dude.

First Robert Griffin III got his haircut at the local mall last week and now Odell is out here ready for the 4th grade picture day. Why even keep the blonde? 

If this Odell Beckham haircut costs the New York Giants a birth in the playoffs, I’ll never forgive him. Well, until next season when he transforms whatever rookie QB they draft into a Hall of Famer.




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