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Odell Beckham and PETA Are At War

Odell Beckham was just having a very predictable offseason. When you’re a young superstar millionaire, it’s almost expected of you to casually spend time with exotic animals at some point. It’s what you do. You own a tiger. Have a pet monkey. You import flamingos into your backyard. This is old hat.

Well, PETA was having none of this monkey business[1. If I’m going to pretend to be a Journalist, I need to step up my pun game. I’m gonna be the next Al Roker. Watch.]. Here’s what they had to say about this harmless video:

Seems a little over the top. I watched a 20 second video of a ODB having a catch with a chimp. Both parties seemed to genuinely enjoy one another’s company. Clear consent.

PETA saw a monkey with a gun pressed against its temple being forced to interact with humanity when inside, all the monkey really wants to do is be isolated in a jungle somewhere and not be given affection and attention and what I imagine to be a far superior diet than what the Pride Lands have to offer.

Last offseason, Odell Beckham was caught smoking weed and doing blow with some random European actress that put a recording on Snapchat. Oh, there was also a story that he kicked a dude out a party in his house and beat his ass so badly that the guy filled a lawsuit to pay for the medical bills.

This offseason, Odell is like, playing with animals and hanging out at zoos and shit. Let my man live. He’s growing up. Just wait for the videos of him working out with Dwayne Haskins prior to the NFL Draft come out and ESPN runs the footage for the next two months straight.

Until then, chill. Get your own quarterback chimp and chill.

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