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Ocean’s 8 Will 1000% Be Better Than Ocean’s 11

This trailer didn’t really show us anything we didn’t know. There aren’t big moments in it. Sandra Bulluck and her squad are pulling a heist. We got that from the ‘Ocean’s’ title right off the bat. I suppose this article has less to do with how great Ocean’s 8 is going to be and more about how not so great Ocean’s 11 is/was.

We can all agree that the Ocean’s 8 cast is objectively better than Ocean’s 11, right? Sure, Brad Pitt is great and shout out Don Cheadle. Rip Bernie Mac. But you can never tell me that George Clooney is better than the heavy hitters in Ocean’s 8. Hot Take: Clooney kinda sucks.

Cate Blanchett is the best actress in the world. That’s a fact. Throw in Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock and yes, go pre-order your tickets today. There are zero people on planet Earth that would prefer to see Scott Caan and Casey Affleck over Sarah Paulson and Helena Bonham Carter. No one has ever said ‘Damn, I wish Scott Caan was in this movie’.

Did I forget to mention Rihanna? Oh yea, Rihanna is in this. Soooo this movie is already better than Ocean’s 11 and it’s not even close. On the 7th day, god rested. On the 8th day, he created Rihanna. Then like, evolution and all that science stuff.

At the end of the day, none of this matters and I’m thirsty for a heist movie. Personally, I believe every movie should be required to have at least one heist in it or that movie shouldn’t be released so whether Ocean’s 8 is good or bad, I’ll be there opening day rooting for these gals to steal the money or the jewels or the plans to the Death Star or whatever.




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