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Obese Sociopath in Blackface Jason Whitlock Says The Los Angeles Lakers Are Struggling Behind is an Only Child With No Dad

When Fox Sports One starting poaching ESPN talent a few years ago, the entire network was built around assholes just making up wild ‘takes’ left and right as guys like Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless ran to microphones to make shit up but in 2019, no one is more determined to continue their brand of ‘original thought’ more than Jason Whitlock after this rant claiming that LeBron James is toxic because he doesn’t have any siblings or whatever.

We don’t have to over-analyze any of this. LeBron James teams always have drama because LeBron is a walking one-man title contender and he expects to win every single game regardless of how realistic those expectations may be so yea, bad coaches get fired and young players who are still developing get traded. No need to overthink what’s going on in Los Angeles right now. Brandon Ingram just sucks.

Jason Whitlock has spent a majority of his career finding racially charged issues in sports and siding with the racist white people who think that these black athletes make too much money to complain.

When someone spray painted ‘nigger’ on the side of LeBron’s house, Whitlock said it wasn’t a big deal because LeBron is rich and he can’t experience racism which doesn’t even make sense considering that they were literally discussing the racism that he had just experienced and he’s on a Fox affiliate network where I assume you get a huge Christmas bonus anytime you dimminish black people.

Jason Whitlock is the guy telling black kids to pull their pants up and turn off the hippity hop music. He’s the ultimate ‘you gotta hear both sides’ guy when a white officer murders a black teen. And he is the ‘black friend’ that racist white people can point to and say ‘see, how can I be racist if Jason Whitlock agrees with me’.

But let me just say right now, if anyone over at Fox is reading this, I am more than prepared to say that LeBron is selfish because black kids don’t have dads or whatever. I’ll call him a thug. Just cut the check. Wire the bag to ya boy, I’ll wear fedoras and take tap dancing lessons.

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