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NYPD Boss In Trouble For Shoving Her Underwear in Another Cop’s Mouth and Saying He Has a ‘Little Dick’

What Happened?

Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, the second-in-command at the 72nd Precinct Detectives Squad, flipped out on Detective Victor Falcon when he complained about her leaving her underwear all over the unisex locker room, sources said.

“They are f–king clean!” the 38-year-old married mom of two allegedly roared Oct. 7 — as she shoved a pair of her panties into Falcon’s mouth, a source said.

A complaint was filed against Guerra with the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office three days later.

“She had an EEO put on her by the precinct detective-unit lieutenant for literally putting her panties in a fellow male detective’s open mouth,” a source said.

Other detectives in the stationhouse have “objected to her leaving her panties on the unisex shower knob and outside her locker for all to see. The lockers are unisex, too,” the source added.

Guerra has groused about her male colleagues’ manhoods on Facebook, including on Sept. 11, a police source said.

“She has been on social media spouting man-hating rhetoric about fellow sergeants having ‘little d–ks,’ ” the source said.

(NY Post)


Wait a minute, are you telling me that the New York Police Department is filled with asshole cops that are shoving their dirty laundry in each other’s mouths and pointing at each other’s tiny dicks? No way. Not here.

It’s almost as if having an entire police department full of people who went to community college for just 3 quick semesters might not be the best requirements for police officers who are supposed to protect, serve and keep the peace.

Now, I want to defend Ann Marie Guerra for a quick second before I go back to shitting on her but perhaps she isn’t in the best work environment as the female boss of a predominantly male workforce and having unisex locker rooms only exacerbates that problem.

I can only imagine the amount of nonsense she has to hear these guys say to her all shift long. Clearly, she reached a breaking point and stuffed her underwear in a dude’s mouth. Not the best look but it’s understandable.

Having said that, like, chill.

I know for a fact that Ann Marie Guerra is the type of cop that has many many excessive force complaints under her belt and brushed under the rug. Every NYPD officer does but this woman has a chip on her shoulder that she will drive into an unarmed black teenager’s neck for jaywalking.

NYPD officers aren’t great people. Who knew?


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