Just Don’t Play The National Anthem Before Games

The National Women’s Soccer League returned over the weekend in Utah for the Challenge Cup as the first sport to play in North America since the pandemic. Shout out to NASCAR and Golf or whatever but yea, NWSL is the first sport back.

The league played on CBS drawing 572,000 viewers which shattered previous records and that makes sense considering uh, I don’t think the NWSL has ever been on national TV before let alone in a time where there is literally no other live sports.

But the big moment of the weekend wasn’t the actual play on the field but the emotional display prior to the game as a majority of the players knelt during the National Anthem wearing Black Lives Matters shirts.

Casey Short of the Chicago Red Stars burst into tears while being consoled by teammate, Julie Ertz.

A lot of people noticed the Casey Short Julie Erz moment and it was certainly a powerful emotional display. Black people in America are suffering from the insane burden of having to tell white people and more specificallywhite people with power and authoritythat their lives matter and they deserve to be alive.

But what caught my eye more so than Casey Short was the two or three women who elected not to kneel and just place their hands on their teammates’ shoulders. After everything that they’ve witnessed with George Floyd and the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor that have still not faced any consequences, it’s WILD to me that there are still people who are like ‘that’s bad or whatever BUT NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR MY FLAG AND MY TROOPS’.

Your teammate is having an emotional breakdown and you think it’s more important to honor some cloth that doesn’t mean anything. Don’t put your weak little hand on my shoulder. If you want to be an alley then you’re going to have to do the bare minimum and take a knee with me. Fuck your flag.

Casey Short was clearly mentally and emotionally drained by the time the game even started. It instantly creates tension between players who do and do not participate in protest. Clearly there is one simple solution: don’t play the National Anthem before games.

Oh, what’s that? That’s not their solution at all?

The National Women’s Soccer League announced today that it will revise its pregame ceremonies during the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup presented by P&G and Secret to provide additional flexibility for players to participate as they see fit. The national anthem will be played and players will have the option of being on the field or in their locker room.


So instead of a unified display of Black Lives Matter, the National Women’s Soccer League has decided to introduce a new policy where players don’t need to come out for the national anthem which basically mutes and turns the protests invisible.

Those three of four women that stand on their tip-toes during the anthem get to proudly continue disregarding the feelings of their brown teammates and the protestors get to hide in the locker room. Seems more like a punishment than a fair and responsible solution.

Even everyone in NASCAR has come together to support Bubba Wallace, the one black driver in the sport. The National Women’s Soccer League is like ‘look, we see your pain. Please leave that shit in the locker room though. We’re on CBS this season’.

Just stop playing the National Anthem before games. That song is absolute trash anyway.




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