Now That The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Been Swept Out of the NBA Finals, Tristan Thompson Can Now Fully Focus on Cheating on Khloe Kardashian

It’s not all bad news in Cleveland after the Golden State Warriors devoured them in an embarrassing 4-game sweep that was pretty much over once JR Smith pulled one of the dumbest moves in NBA history by not knowing the score of the game.

LeBron James is nursing a fake hand injury. Kyle Korver is in the gym missing wide open jumpers. Kevin Love is getting a low fade to hide the fact that he’s going gray and Tristan Thompson is happily back together with Khloe Kardashian. All is right with the world.

According to E! News, Khloé threw a birthday party for their friend Savas at the Marble Room restaurant in Cleveland. Aside from attending a few Cavs games to support Thompson during the NBA Finals (which didn’t help), the couple has rarely been seen out in public together, but appear to be doing just fine.

“Khloé and Tristan were there together, they were sitting next to each other during dinner and there was no animosity between them,” a source told E! News. “Everybody looked happy, normal, and like they were having a great time.”



Awww what a happy family. Khloe and Tristan welcomed a brand new baby into the world a few weeks ago and they have worked out all of their problems. I can really see these two crazy kids making it.

Well, as long as Khloe is okay with the fact that Tristan was texting other chicks throughout that entire birthday dinner and for sure lied with something like ‘nah, it’s LeBron, man. We’re trying to decide where he should play next. Actually, he and I are going out to Los Angeles this weekend to check out the Lakers facilities’ while in actuality, he is sending plane tickets out to Instagram ‘models’ in New York to come meet him in LA.

This is a huge offseason for Tristan Thompson. With LeBron leaving, he has a lot of work to do this summer. This is pretty much his last stretch of fame before the Cavs are in last place annually and no one even remembers that Tristan is a player in the NBA.

Shout out to Khloe for being a ride or die woman and taking care of their child while Tristan goes out there to fertilize more eggs. Relationship goals for sure.

I’m looking for a woman who gets publicly embarrassed after videos are released of me getting JOed by two side chicks in a dirty hookah bar but stays with me anyway even though I’m 1000% going to do it again seeing as how there were no negative consequences to me doing it the first time.







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