Now That The Baltimore Ravens Officially Belong To Lamar Jackson, What’s Next For Joe Flacco?

It seems like the end of the road for Joe Flacco in Baltimore. Flacco missed the last 4 games due to a hip injury and during his time out, rookie Lamar Jackson went 3-1 and saved their season. The Ravens can actually win the NFC North and it’s all because Flacco is sitting on the bench

Now that Flacco is physically cleared to return but it still number 2 on the depth chart, it’s finally over.

Lamar Jackson in his 4 starts, has thrown for 600 yards, 3 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and 6.7 yards per passing attempt but most importantly, he’s rushed for 336 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground.

So what’s next for Joe Flacco?

The Ravens would owe Flacco $26 million next season soooo needless to say, he’s out of there. The question becomes, which NFL team is going to be desperate enough to trade for the most average ass QB in the league?

Would it shock you if Joe Flacco was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB1 next year? Ryan Fitzpatrick is done. We watched a man peak and then crash and burn all in a 3 week span. That ride is over.

It’s also safe to say that the Bucs don’t believe in Jameis Winston or else we wouldn’t have seen Ryan Fitzpatrick as often as we did. Winston LOVES turning the ball over. It’s his second favorite thing in the world right behind sexual assault.

Flacco could temporarily damn the river until Tampa Bay actually finds a QB of the future. Can’t wait for that 7-9 season next year.

Jacksonville is done with Blake Bortles so why not pick up old-Bortles aka Joe Flacco. They could walk past each other in the Jacksonville airport and be the real life version of the Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme.

What…what about the New York Giants?

I think we all know that Eli Manning is done here. Personally, I think whoever they draft in the first round, assuming Dave Gettleman doesn’t draft another running back, should start for the team Week 1.

So as an Eli Manning fan, I don’t want to watch him glued to the bench in his final year under contract. If he doesn’t retire this summer then just send his ass to Baltimore and bring in Joe Flacco.

He has almost an identical resume as Eli minus the emotional connection. I am totally okay with watching Joe sit on the bench. In fact, I prefer it. Sad disinterested Flacco is my favorite version of him. I’m selfishing saying I want to watch that 16 weeks next season.





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