Now Get Alec Baldwin The Fuck Out of Here

Saturday Night Live should’ve been cancelled in the 80’s yet here we are in 2020 still cringing at this humorless comedy program that we are all still pretending has some impact on the zeitgeist even though I have never spent Monday morning discussing and quoting a sketch from Saturday night.

This past Saturday was a huge day. Joe Biden was officially declared the winner of the 2020 election while Trump’s team held a sketchy press conference in an empty parking lot next to a sex shop. With Dave Chappelle set to host SNL that night, all eyes were on this terrible TV show.

And without fail, Saturday Night Live just did the same garbage that hasn’t been working for years. They relied far too heavily on guest stars that aren’t actual cast members. There is no reason why Maya Rudolph is in multiple sketches. There’s a black woman in the cast whose name I can’t even learn because Maya Rudolph is playing every black pop culture figure.

But the worst part of SNL during the Trump era was Alec Baldwin doing the laziest impression every single week to start the show. The ‘joke’ was simply Alec repeating word for word the dumb shit Donald Trump was saying this week which isn’t a joke. It’s the absence of jokes.

In his farewell to Trump, Baldwin sat at a piano and sang a Village People song. I’m not entirely sure why. But it appears to be the end of one of the most excruciatingly lame bits in ‘comedy’ history that allowed Alec Baldwin, a narcissistic cokehead, to receive paychecks for sitting in a makeup chair for an hour to go out there and normalize the president’s shitty behavior while adding zero nuance or actual intelligent critiques of the man. Just did a bad impression and got a direct deposit. Cool.

This arrogant self-sucking asshole. The man did the bare minimum and wants congratulations for it. Did anyone feel any sort of relief when watching his lackluster Trump impression? Was anyone who was targeted by his attacks then soothed by Alec just repeating his attacks but with lazy applause and weak laughter in the background?

The world is a better place without Donald Trump being president solely because it means we are done with Alec’s shit.

The only problem is we are now stuck with Jim Carrey who somehow does an even worse Joe Biden but let’s see how it goes. Comedy may have returned after 4 years of pain and misery and Baldwin.

“You’re Welcome” Fuck off.





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