Not Only Did Kevin Spacey Force Himself Onto a Bunch of Boys But Now He Hates Black People

The head of a security company that worked on the set of the Netflix’s “House of Cards” accused disgraced Hollywood star Kevin Spacey of racism, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

Earl Blue, the head of VIP Protective Service and Navy veteran, told the Mail exclusively that Spacey would refuse to acknowledge the black team members and made racist remarks.

Blue said Spacey was overheard by some of his employees telling a member of his personal security team, “I don’t want n—–s watching my trailer,” referring to the Netflix show in which he played the lead role, Frank Underwood.



What’s less surprising: creepy ass Kevin Spacey likes humping teenage boys or that Kevin Spacey flings the n-word around left and right? When I watch a Quentin Tarantino movie I think to myself ‘does this guy reallyyy need to use the n-word this much?’ and when Kevin Spacey watches a Quentin Tarantino movie he thinks to himself ‘eh, it was fine. They could’ve said the n-word more though’.

Sooo, we’re about done with Kevin Spacey, right? Like, he’s dead to us? Alright, cool. The Usual Suspects isn’t rewatchable once you know the twist anyway. American Beauty was always trash so cancel that garbage as well.

Last year I asked if I should watch House of Cards. Kevin Spacey must have read that article and decided to give me two really good reasons to never hit play on that show. As I write this, I assume he’s asking some college kid to touch his dick while he yells about all of the immigrants coming from ‘shithole’ countries.

Fuck Kevin Spacey.



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