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Not a Great Look For This Football Coach Who Told A Player To Kill Themselves and Watched Another Player Pee Over The Stall

What Happened?

Randall Owens, an assistant coach at Palatka High School, was accused of being abusive to several players, including a 16-year-old he allegedly head-butted, according to a Florida Department of Education administrative complaint.

The complaint revealed Owens told a student that he was not a good player and “should commit suicide,” First Coast News reported on Wednesday.

In another incident, he stood on a restroom toilet seat and watched over the stall as a 16-year-old used the bathroom.

(NY Post)


Who among us didn’t have a high school football coach that headbutted us and told us to commit suicide? This is a rite of passage. You run through those tires. Climb up hills. Wind sprints. Tackling drills. Line up and get headbutted by coach. Repeat. That’s just how the week goes.

This is football life. Most people don’t understand that. Just simply what goes on in locker rooms. Guy stuff. You sneak away into the stall to avoid getting screamed at by your coach only to have your coach standing over the stall to watch you. It happens.

Let Randell Owens live.

If he was a division 1 football coach for an SEC team like Florida, this wouldn’t even be in the news. Urban Meyer let his assistant beat the brakes off his wife for almost a decade and probably would’ve continued to let it happen if the media didn’t get involved. Meyer was only suspended 3 games.

Randell Owens would’ve gotten a raise if he told his backup cornerback to kill themselves. A kid at Maryland literally died before the season started and the NCAA collectively wiped their hands and shrugged.

That’s just football culture. You send your children to these grown ass men and if they survive, they are now men. However, if they die, they die.



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