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Norm Macdonald’s Netflix Talk Show is the Unique Combination of Laugh Out Loud Hilarious and Mind-Numbingly Boring

Norm Macdonald took his Youtube podcast show thing and brought it to Netflix for 10 hour long episodes in which he interviews some friends and just some random celebrities he seems to be fond of you.

Norm’s sense of humor and comedy is the same as an old New Yorker political cartoon in which you either really get the joke and have a quick chortle or you don’t get the joke but you pretend and nervously laugh because you assume the joke is smart and you think you’re smart so you’re supposed to laugh.

Norm Macdonald Has a Show is the late late show we were promised when Craig Ferguson left that time slot but instead we got James Corden singing with Britney Spears and Norm in a tiny room with his co-host, Adam Eget, mouth breathing down his neck.

Fake commercial breaks with never not be funny and Norm pretending to go on break to ask David Spade to tell an extremely embarrassing story only to pretend to return from that break and make David Spade repeat the extremely embarrassing story again is hilarious.

But then there are moments where you can’t help but pick up your phone and see what’s happening on Instagram because Norm is telling another old story about Johnny Carson or Dick Van Dyke or whatever. Norm was a star in the 90’s and talks about old Hollywood like he used to be roommates with Dick Cavett or some shit.

There is something very charming about watching Norm talk with his old friends like David Letterman and David Spade. He’s almost giddy sitting there thinking of weird things to say and lame anecdotes he’s about to tell and old-timey expressions that no one uses anymore.

And then he sits with Drew Barrymore and it’s very clear that she had not realized how big of a weirdo Norm was until she got there. I want to hear Norm tell highly specific jokes that I barely understand. You know what I don’t want to hear? Judge Judy talk about law.

I fell asleep through two episodes. It’s a boring show. Facts. But I also laughed harder at his treatment of Adam Eget than I’ve laughed at any sitcom I’ve watched this year.

Norm Macdonald Has a Show is the most boring and hilarious show on television right now.




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