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Nolan Arenado Was Having None of Luis Perdomo’s Shit, Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres Benches Clear

Nolan Arenado is fed the fuck up. Look up in the sky. You see that Luis Perdomo? It’s the jig.

On Tuesday night, San Diego Padres outfielder, Manuel Margot, was hit by Rockies pitcher, Scott Oberg which led to Margot landing on the disabled list with bruised ribs. Luis Perdomo wanted revenge for Margot so naturally, he hit Rockies shortstop, Trevor Story in the first inning of Wednesday’s game.

But then the Rockies pitcher, German Marquez, decided that he didn’t want things to be even or ‘fair’ so he plunked Padres outfielder, Hunter Renfroe, in the second inning. By the time that Nolan Arenado was hit in the 3rd inning, both teams had pretty much already decided that the field was about to turn into a war zone.

Nolan Arenado has finished in the Top-10 for MVP voting in the last three seasons which he for sure deserves but I can’t imagine that happening again this season as long as MVP voters are watching a replay of Arenado charging the mound only to throw zero punches and end up on the outside of the bench scrum.

If you are going to initiate the fight, you might want to, ya know, actually fight. MY MVP, Gary Sanchez, was punching Miguel Cabrera for no less than 2 hours when the Yankees and Tigers fought last season. Nolan Arenado did not want that smoke.





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