Noah Syndergaard Wants to Ban the Wave

Tough guy, Noah Syndergaard wants to ban the wave because being a tough guy is a full-time job. No days off. You have to throw at the first batter you see in the World Series and you have to yell at fans for having fun. Tough guy lyfe.

Now, I actually hate the wave and think it’s the lamest thing on the planet but you know what I hate more? When people attempt to tell fans how to behave. If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written regarding the Yankees then you know I’m a passionate fan.

It’s an emotional game. Sometimes at the ballpark you just have to let fans be fans. As long as people aren’t stabbing other people, just let everyone do their thing. If an entire section wants to start up the wave, who cares? Noah Syndergaard cares because tough guy lyfe.


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