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Now That Noah Syndergaard Needs Tommy John Surgery It’s Time To Fire Brodie Van Wagenen

Baseball news seems to be going under the radar because there is a plague killing thousands upon thousands of people and a president who keeps trying to tell you how normal that is but while you were panicking, it was announced that Noah Syndergaard needs Tommy John surgery and will be out until 2021.

Fire Brodie Van Wagenen.

Everyone and their mother have known that Noah Syndergaard’s arm has been a ticking time bomb since 2015. You cannot throw as hard as he does forever without your body breaking down at some point.

In 2015, it looked like Syndergaard, Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom would be trading Cy Young Awards every for the next half decade. Matt Harvey’s playoff run was legendary. He was the king of New York for a few months there. What a time to be alive.

Well that half-decade is coming to an end and deGrom is the only pitcher that’s shown up every 5th day to truly become an Ace for the Mets while Noah is a question mark every start and Matt Harvey is straight up out of the league.

But it’s not just the inconsistent starts that have derailed Syndergaard’s career. He’s suffered from a torn lat, a busted finger, a weird medieval disease and a torn hamstring before now tearing his UCL.

Syndergaard had a decent 2019 season though. He went 10-8 with a 4.28 ERA, 3.60 FIP and 9.2 K/9. He was also 6th in innings pitched which is an interesting stat. Weird to know that his elbow suddenly exploded after a career high 197 innings pitched.

Fire Brodie Vanwagenen.

In 2017, I wrote that Noah Syndergaard is this generation’s Mark Prior after he had to be scratched from starts because his arm was ‘tired’. Noah might’ve had one more productive year than Mark Prior so perhaps I was a little off. He’s more like Kerry Wood. Yikes.

So he’s injury prone and he’s played below his potential and we still consider him to be on the stars in this league which means he still has high trade value yet the Mets GM, Brodie Van Wagenen, kept him on the roster to start the 2020 season.


Let’s talk about Noah Syndergaard’s contract. He has one year left of arbitration which means he’s going to be a free agent after the 2021 season so he’s up for a contract extension.

In 2021, the Mets are paying Jacob deGrom, Robinson Cano and Jeurys Familia a combined $77 million. Lotttt of payroll dedicated to three players and if you know the Mets history then you know these owners are cheap as hell which means they never had any intention on signing Syndergaard long term.

The biggest indication that they weren’t going to keep Noah is last season’s trade deadline acquisition of Marcus Stroman. That’s a move you make knowing that you’re going to deal Noah Syndergaard in the offseason yet here we are and both men are on the roster and neither will be there after next season.

Do you see the picture I’m painting here? What general manager would grip an injury prone, physically deteriorating asset that they know damn well they have no intention of signing long term?

Fire Brodie Van Wagenen.




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