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No Pitcher This Season Will Have a More Impressive Performance Then What Noah Syndergaard Just Did

The New York Mets just won a 1-0 game thanks almost entirely to the dominance of Noah Syndergaard who pitched a complete game shut out and had an opposite-field home run to score the only run of the day.

Syndergaard’s final 104th pitch of the game was a 100mph fastball against Yasiel Puig for his 10th K. He pitched the entire game and his last throw was 100mph.

With pitchers blowing out their arms on a daily basis and starters never making it past the 7th inning because their pitch counts are being so heavily monitored, there were only 19 complete game shut outs last season.

There were also only 19 games last season in which a starting pitcher hit a home run. Noah Syndergaard did both in one outing. When random cool shit like this happens, it deserves all of the recognition.

No spoilers but this is more impressive than anything Thor did in Avengers Endgame.

This dropped Syndergaard’s ERA from 6.35 to 5.02. Hopefully this gets those Mets starters going because Jacob deGrom has fallen off from his historic Cy Young season and Zack Wheeler hasn’t had a good outing since ever.

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