No One Will Remember Colby Covington

Over the weekend, UFC fighter Colby Covington defeated Tyronne Woodly in an incredibly boring 5th round TKO and followed the fight up with a WWF style press conference essentially just shitting on black people while covering himself in the American Flag.

That’s enough of that. You get it. This odd looking man’s schtick is that he race baits and goes full MAGA in order to get attention because as mentioned earlier, he is a boring fighter and as you can see in these clips, he has zero charisma and stumbles over the ignorant shit he’s pretending to care about.

Dana White doesn’t censor his fighters and allows them to say pretty much whatever disgusting shit they want because he thinks it builds stars. Conor McGregor said awful things to Muslim fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and these Monster energy drink chugging, fingerless glove wearing, Eminem on-repeat listeners just giggled along with the Islamaphobia.

But Colby Covington is not Conor McGregor.

Colby had his jaw broken by Kamaru Usman, the man in the previous clip that he mocks as having a ‘tribe’. No, Colby is a man who’s head is barely above water in his industry and has clung to reactionary ‘anti-woke’ bullshit to capture more eyes for his lame ass fights that no one cares about.

The irony is that he doesn’t even need to do this.

And not because he’s such a gifted fighter that he should let his punches do the talking. No, no he is not. But it’s ironic that he’s trying so hard to be the ‘villain’ of UFC without reading the room and recognizing that UFC fans already share his beliefs. He is not gaining new fans or a new audience. He is simply telling the audience that is already watching their favorite sport just exactly what they already hear all day long.

It’s ironic because these people hate the ‘libs’ for virtue signaling and claiming that their ‘woke’ politics is just for retweets and likes while simultaneously doing the same exact shit. When you complain about people kneeling during the anthem, you just want all of your ignorant friends to retweet and like you. You’re not brave.

Colby Covington is trying to be a ‘villain’ by spewing hate against brown people in a sport where the fans already dislike brown people. Donald Trump won’t be president forever. Actually, he might. But, this discourse of anti-woke nonsense isn’t going to be here forever. There’s a shelf life for just being the guy who hates black people.

History will not remember that Colby Covington ever existed.

But, history will certainly remark upon the brilliance of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

A king.


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