No One Wants Anthony Davis To Be Traded More Than Carmelo Anthony Does

It’s finally happened. After a year of speculation on whether or not Anthony Davis would accept a contract extension from the New Orleans Pelicans, Woj woke up early Monday morning to say ‘NAH’ and shut down Twitter and the city of New Orleans for the next 24 hours.

Clearly, this move is specially designed for Rich Paul to get his client to be traded to Los Angeles to join forces with his other client LeBron James as the only other team that has better assets to give away in a trade are the Boston Celtics and according to league rules, they cannot have Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis on the team at the same team because both players are signed the ‘Designated Player Rookie Extension’ and the league prohibits teams from having more than one of those players at a time.

So between now and the trade deadline, it’s pretty much just Los Angeles and New Orleans talking on the phone deciding how many Lonzos and Ingrams and Kuzmas will be in the deal, if a deal is even made.

And as much as LeBron and Magic Johnson and Lakers fan want Anthony Davis in a Lakers jersey, no one on planet Earth benefits more from this deal than Carmelo Anthony.

Last week, Carmelo Anthony was traded (along with cash) to the Chicago Bulls and then promptly waived. The Rockets had to add cash in the deal just to get rid of Melo. You know when you’re throwing out old shitty furniture and you have to give the garbage man a little extra cash on the side to take away your trash? That’s what Houston did with a future Hall of Famer.

There are also rumors that the Lakers are open to signing Carmelo but unfortnately, they have a full roster and don’t have the space for him. Right. If the Lakers really wanted Melo, they would cut someone like Michael Beasley in a second.

But sadly they just don’t have the room.

That’s like when one time a girl asked for my number and instead of saying ‘no, I don’t have the emotional capability to maintain a meaningful and lasting relationship so I don’t want to waste your time’ I said ‘Uh, I actually broke my phone like 5 minutes ago and I’ll probably have to get a new one so I technically like, don’t even have a phone number right now byeeeee‘.

But if the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis, they’re most likely going to need to send all of their young ‘stars’ which means they’ll have huge holes in their roster and if we learned anything from Carmelo’s near-divorce with Lala, my man can fill holes, nahimsayin *daps up the homies*.

Trade for Anthony Davis so that Carmelo Anthony can play basketball again and take shots away from LeBron in the most hilarious way possible. Melo jab-stepping just inside the 3-point line while LeBron looks on frustrated longing for the days of JR Smith not knowing the score.

The NBA needs this. But most importantly, Carmelo needs this.



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