No One Should Give Any Shits If Jill Biden is a Doctor

The Wall Street Journal recently allowed some weird asshole to write an op-ed that dunked on First Lady, Jill Biden, for calling herself  ‘doctor’ even though she is not in the medical field.

Joseph Epstein—who should definitely consider a name change—opened up this ridiculously unimportant editorial with the line  “Madame First Lady—Mrs. Biden—Jill—kiddo,” which is remarkably condescending and should disqualify the remainder of his nonsense blog about the sanctity of the title of doctor.

Although Jill isn’t a medical doctor, she very much has a doctorate in education and has 1000% earned the right to throw a ‘dr.’ ahead of her name.

Also, and most importantly, who gives ANY shits?

Joseph Epstein is so clearly a little bitch who hates women. Cool. The Wall Street Journal knew precisely what they were doing when they gave him a platform and they are currently swimming in easy clicks and fools who can’t figure out how to sneak past the paywall and are giving them their hard-earned cash to read a man whose biggest accomplishment is ‘Northwestern grad’ ramble on about why Libs are bad or whatever.

The worst part is that Democrats and blue check mark liberals all jumped off a cliff to defend Jill against sexism and everyone rallied around Jill because girl power or whatever.

Again, Epstein was so clearly being sexist but let’s be clear that his was more attacking education and demonstrated this country’s growing mistreatment of teachers. There is a pandemic killing a 9/11 worth of people every day and every state is like ‘shut the fuck up and send your kids to school because Covid doesn’t affect kids even though it 1000% affects their teachers but who cares about teachers’.

We should’ve read this op-ed and defended teachers and education. Instead, we did what Democrats do and we sprinted towards bullshit identity politics. Don’t you EVER take away a woman’s achievements, sir. How DARE you.

This is even grosser when you remember that Jill’s dementia-ridden husband was accused of sexual assault this year and the entire Democratic party—who spent years telling us to ‘believe all women—all covered their eyes and pretended they couldn’t see or hear that woman telling an actually incredibly easy story to believe about Biden taking advantage of her.

Shout out Tara Reade.

We need health care. We need financial assistance as a global pandemic has destroyed our families, our lungs and our ability to earn paychecks and pay bills. I do not give any shits about the most powerful woman in the world playing victim when there are actual women under attack on a daily basis. Domestic abuse has skyrocketed during Coronavirus lockdowns. Who gives a fuck if someone doesn’t want to call the First Lady a ‘doctor’ Who gives a fuck.

I am not participating in this nonsense for the next 4 years where this administration does nothing but make our lives harder while throwing us the tiny crumbs of being able to correct Republican pigs who call women ‘kiddos’.

Nah, these demons showed their hands when they ignored Biden’s accuser and we can’t go back to pretending as if that never happened. Joe Biden is out here saying that no Dem should mention ‘Defund The Police’ anymore. These goblins marched with us and supported us after the execution of George Floyd and now that they have the highest office in the world they’re telling us to shut up about racial justice.

No one should give a shit about Jill Biden being a doctor or not. Call her whatever you want. Just give us health care.





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